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What is CEREC?

Cerec restorations are a service offered to our patients that allows crowns, bridges and veneers to be provided in just 1 appointment.

What are the Benefits?

• Single visit crowns
• Appearance
• No more temporaries
• No gagging on impression material
• Less removal of healthy tooth
• Metal free- no more black lines or dots on your crowns!

What is the Process?cerecpic2

  1. The tooth is first prepared using conventional methods. Since no temporary is required preparations can remove less healthy enamel so more natural tooth remains under the crown.
  2. A 3D scan of the mouth is made with a camera. No impression material is used, which reduces patient gagging and claustrophobia.
  3. The crown is then designed personally by Dr. Hoben while the patient watches, relaxes and learns.
  4. The crown is then milled out of a solid ceramic block before being baked in an oven to obtain strength equal to a lab made crown.
  5. Finally the crown is bonded to the tooth and we are done!

How Long Does it Take?

Typical crown appointments are 90 minutes in length. Patients are free to move around the office or go get some shopping done while the crown is being made however.
Typically our patients are only needed in the chair for 50 minutes of the appointment.

Does it Cost More Then a Standard Crown?

No! Our cost for a Cerec crown is less than the equivalent cost of using a commercial lab.
Read more about CEREC here.